Casino Blues

My machine is surely broken
for no action have I seen
my cash it is a dwindling
I simply want to scream

I haven’t won a penny
countless dollars I have lost
yet I keep on dearly hoping
that a win will fix my loss

Not sure why I come here
why do I play this game
a box with shinny lights and bell sounds
it sort of sounds insane

Yet hope it lives inside me
that a jackpot I will win
so I sit as if entranced
watching every spin.

A Sorry Tale

I must begin by extending my apologies to all of you. My blog has been rather thin for quite a while. There is good reason for this. In April of 2015 I began to have difficulties swallowing and with my throat. Was diagnosed with GERD and put on some rather expensive medications. They did not help at all. My diet was further limited, no spice, caffeine, carbonated drinks, no spices or seasonings and nothing fried in any way. At one point I was on a liquid diet! Still, very little improvement. It was my husband who first made the suggestion that it may be the medication Cotezyme prescribed to me for my digestive issues with Pancreatitis. (A digestive enzyme)
He suggested I try an experiment and go off of them. I was fearful to do so, as my doctor had told me that without them I would eventually die. But I was desperate, so I went off of them… and to my amazement things began to improve…very slowly. The lump sensation and gagging sensation went first, it took about three weeks. Then the burning sensation began to weaken. I could sleep at night. Just recently I have actually begun to grow hopeful, the symptoms are still here but far less than they were.
I did a search on line using the terms GERD and Cotezyme and found after a bit of digging an FDA report about how it can cause the very symptoms I had and they can become critical. In essence the medication had eroded my insides!
I am still recovering. My throat hurts from time to time and I must watch what I eat. I am now off the Cotezyme, for ever. I cant even tolerate Papaya enzymes.
I am on a very bland and milted diet, very low fat as without the medication my Pancreas can not digest it. I take multi vitamins to avoid malnutrition.
I am no longer as weak as I was. So with luck as recovery continues I will be able to get back to this blog.
I can make no big promises, it is still day to day. But at least now I feel more like myself!


Its been raining for days now
or so it seems
raining so much
that I see it in my dreams

The roads they are flooded
the water does rise
and yet it keeps falling
from wet laden skies

It falls upon land
once parched and dry
It falls on my face
makes me look like I cry

It waters the earth
and replenishes it all
but once fully sated
it continues to fall

I long for a summer
like the ones when I was young
and gaze out my window
hoping the rain is soon done

On Being Bald

Consolation for Baldness

What’s the advantage of hair, anyhow?
It blows in your eyes and it flops on your brow,
Disguising the shape of your scholarly head;
It often is gray and it sometimes is red.
Perhaps it is golden and ringleted, but
It needs to be combed and it has to be cut,
And even at best it is nothing to boast of,
Because it’s what barbarous men
have the most of;
Then challenge you mirror, defiant and careless,
For lots of our handsomest people are hairless-

Arthur Guiterman

The Table


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The flat topped land
sits like a table
well laid beneath the sky

its bounty drapes
over gullies
along rivers

reaching into the shore land places
where the weary
take refuge

from the approaching storm
arriving swift and certain
once we deplete it all